• Our Capabilites


  • Media training
  • Speaking opportunities
  • Industry thought leader positioning
  • Copywriting
  • Speechwriting
  • Competitive analysis
  • Media relations
  • World-class presentation and collateral production
  • Write, design and optimize your website across multiple browsers and platforms
  • Set up and manage your social media presence
  • Analyst relations
  • Testimonial and case study development
  • Video and web clips
  • Government relations
  • Community relations

ShoreyPR is Your Partner

We’re ready to help you defend and expand your position, while managing regulations and repercussions. Unlike a lot of “creative” firms who live to make pretty pictures and to win agency awards for themselves (yes, we’ve won our share of awards, but that’s not our reason for being), Shorey PR is Laser-Focused on Your Business. We Measure Our Results Against Your Objectives. We live for impact reports.

We take the marketing and promotional stuff you don’t want to do off your plate, giving you Professional Results and Maximum Impact.


At Shorey PR, We Work the Way You Want Us to Work. We tailor everything we do to your unique needs, and we reject one-size-fits-all thinking.

We communicate with you the way you prefer: whether by text message, phone call, email or smoke signal. We are Über-Responsive and will get you the information you need, when you need it and in the way you like it. Same for billing: hourly, project or retainer, it’s your call.

We will work with your existing marketing department, helping them perform and letting you get the most out of them, giving them a fresh perspective and senior direction. Or, if you don’t have one, we can be your marketing team. We’re Ready to Jump In – When, Where and How You Need Us to help you compete.


Shorey PR is your Instant Marketing Muscle. From the moment you engage us, we’re moving. We believe that strategy without execution is meaningless – it’s a waste of your time and money.

We create your smart message and make sure it gets to the people who need to hear it, using all channels required to get it there. And we constantly evaluate those channels for efficacy and efficiency, to guarantee that Nothing We Do – Or Have You Do – Is Excessive or Wasteful.

We get to know your business inside and out, while remaining objective. We spot patterns and know how to leverage trends. We Make Advantage instead of taking orders. We offer clever and creative thinking that gets you where you want to be.


Shorey PR is a team of Seasoned Professionals. Many of our clients have been with us for years, forming multiple companies and ventures and taking us along every step of the way, and referring us to their friends and colleagues.

We earn their trust every day because we speak from Knowledge and Experience – Not Hope, Hearsay or Conventional Wisdom – and we never create busywork just to keep on billing.

All the Tools

Shorey PR is a Highly Experienced, Full Service Agency. Our clients across the country receive the best marketing and communications counsel and performance.

We are unrivalled in our ability to Take Your Complex Story and Distill It Down to its essence, so potential customers, investors and reporters can clearly understand you.

Whether we like it or not, government has a large and growing impact on business and operations. Shorey PR is uniquely qualified to help you navigate that reality. We are Expert in Strategic, Political and Media Communication, with years of experience on Capitol Hill and working with federal agencies in Washington, and with state and city governments throughout the nation.

Sometimes we meet under the worst of circumstances. When it comes to challenging situations, There is Nothing We Haven’t Seen and Successfully Resolved with Sensitivity and Discretion. Being brought in early helps our clients avoid potential danger zones in the first place and provides enduring value and advance options.

The Shorey Difference

Why Shorey PR was Founded

Missy Shorey started Shorey PR in 2004 after leading successful, multi-million dollar practices as a Senior Vice President with Hill & Knowlton Public Relations/Public Affairs and as a Vice President at Ogilvy PR. This experience gave her a profound appreciation and understanding of world-class agency service, having learned from some of the best in the business. But she wanted to give her clients a higher level of attention. Counsel that went deep and beyond standard business hours. And without the culture that makes “extending the engagement” the number one priority. From this desire and commitment, Shorey PR was born.

Our Clients

Shorey PR actively seeks out clients we enjoy. People who are innovative and willing to push boundaries. Who want more out of life and business. Who are looking for like-minded team members to support them. And who want to have as much fun as possible in the process. If you don’t want constructive push-back, don’t like high energy people and performance, and prefer tradition over results, then Shorey PR is the worst agency in the world for you. Shorey PR is creative, fun and cutting edge. Missy is known for her energy, sense of humor, inquisitive mind, quick wit and unorthodox thinking. But when you look beyond the boundless enthusiasm and the curls, you get no-nonsense determination, wise counsel and rock solid business knowledge. Shorey PR succeeds because we excel at providing you outstanding global agency counsel with boutique agency service.

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