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Antara Home
Benjamin Moore
Bonacio Construction
Bud York for Warren County Sheriff
Capital Play
The Catie Hoch Foundation
Catskill Watershed
Chef Dale Miller
Computer Intelligence Associates
Corvis Corporation
The District of Columbia Unified Communications Center
DC Citizens Atlas and Emergency Atlas
DC’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO)
DCNet, DC Office of the Chief Technology Officer
Downtown Albany Business Improvement District
Ed Levin Jewelry
EYP Mission Critical Facilities
Federal and State Electoral Campaigns
Hattie’s Restaurant
Hudson River Black River Regulating District
Informz, Inc.
Jack’s Oyster House
JBG Properties
Johnson & Johnson
Justice Karen Peters

Khalifa Group
Koshland Science Museum
Lake George Forum
Lake George Opera
Level (3) Communications
Logical Images
Luggage Express
Mad Packers
Mary Kay Cosmetics
Merci Miglino
Mercury Web Solutions
Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co. (U.S.A.) Inc.
The Nurse Practitioner’s Association, New York State
Pioneer Savings Bank
Polar Industries, Inc.
Salvation Army
Saratoga Hospital Foundation
Saratoga Trunk /Kay Unger
Serotta Competition Bicycles
Skidmore College
Smithsonian Institution
SONY/BMG MUSIC /Patriotic Country
TL Metzger & Associates, LLC
U.S. Army
U.S. Department of State
U.S. Senate
Watervliet Innovation Center
Whitney M. Young Jr. Health Center


Benjamin Moore
Positioning Leadership

The Challenge – Although Benjamin Moore Paints never contained lead in their business history, the manufacturer faced the eventual litigation against the paint industry over the effects of using lead-based paint. The company was looking for a pro-active program to address lead paint’s lingering problems – particularly the impact on older American cities and children.

The Strategy – We recommended seeking out and partnering with community activists and city Health Departments. After coordinating with these partners about the nature and severity of the problem, Benjamin Moore hosted four fun “lead awareness” events around the country that included education and screenings. These included a mascot character named “Leadie Eddie” who taught children about the dangers of lead paint.

The Results – Following these events, city health departments reported a reduction in lead poisoning cases for target populations. Outstanding earned media coverage followed, identifying Benjamin Moore as the sponsor of the events.
Rapid Fire Branding

The Challenge – In December 1999 opened its doors, intent on becoming a premiere domain-name registrar for the Internet. This was possible because the federal government had just ended monopoly held by Network Solutions—the Internet’s sole registrar—and had begun approving a few additional companies to enter the marketplace. wanted to establish immediate leadership in this emerging global market, but how could it build the brand awareness, capture the market share and gain the technical credibility it would need for government approval.

The Strategy – We wanted to find creative ways to explain the technology in a way that every consumer could understand. We focused on “translating” the technical talk using humor in order to demystify the entire process. The campaign was called, “There’s Got to be a Better Way!” For example, our ads showed that if somebody did not know about lawn mowers, he might try to cut his lawn using scissors. People who did not know about tank trucks might try to fill their swimming pools cup-by-cup. A mother who wanted to serve her family turkey, but did not know about ovens, might try to cook it with a lighter.

We used an award-winning photographer to create this campaign in record time. It was up and running in six weeks (compared to the industry standard of six months). We organized a radio satellite tour and arranged interviews with premiere publications. We created a media-savvy pitch that explained the entire domain-name industry and history. Shortly thereafter, top tier networks like CNNfn and respected industry trades including NetworkWorld and Interactive News ran the story.

The Results – Within four months, became the number two registrar in the world, second only to the incumbent, government-approved former monopoly Network Solutions. We were able to raise awareness and build a brand while demystifying a cutting-edge industry.

The Catie Hoch Foundation
Strategic Awareness and Communication Counsel

Client Name: The Catie Hoch Foundation

Client Type: Non-Profit Organization

Engagement: Increase public awareness and preference both locally and nationally

Shorey PR Offering: We realize that while the promotional needs of most businesses are similar in scope, the needs of non-profit organizations like the Catie Hoch Foundation are unique. In addition to the standard tactics used for traditional engagements, including messaging, strategic outreach and communication counsel, our approach is structured around the main objective of the Catie Hoch Foundation - to increase awareness necessary to establish a transitional research position at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center without altering the manner in which the Foundation currently operates.

Chef Dale Miller—Jack’s Oyster House
Personal Profile Enhancement

The ChallengeJack’s Oyster House in Albany is New York’s oldest restaurant and continuously run by the same family. The business engaged the services of Shorey PR to help executive chef, Certified Master Dale Miller, elevate his presence on a national level with a submission to The History Channel for the opportunity to become the host of a new show called “America Eats,” which called for a leading chef with knowledge of the history of American cuisine.  Shorey PR was tasked with developing a creative and persuasive media kit demonstrating Chef Miller’s historical, culinary and personal qualifications for a national audience in just two days.

The StrategyWith a significantly truncated time frame, Shorey PR compiled a press packet in the form of a culinary treasure chest, consisting of items with an old world feel and packaged in an antique hope chest.  Shorey PR stylized the culinary treasure chest and prepared a detailed press kit (made of two paper chef’s hats bound together to form a folder) highlighting Master Chef Miller’s culinary achievements, an article on American Cuisine written by Chef Miller and the history of Jack’s Oyster House.  Shorey PR conducted strategic follow up with the casting company to determine timing for selection of host and overall impression of the press packet.

The ResultsThe press packet/culinary treasure chest was received with great enthusiasm. The casting company expressed they were ‘wowed’ by the presentation and relevancy of the materials included, giving Chef Miller an edge above the national competition. The History Channel is in the process of conducting development casting and should they find the person that best meets their expectations as a possible host, they will begin production for the new show, “America Eats.”
A Case for National Prominence

The Challenge— started out as a cost effective book buying solution for students to purchase textbooks online.  However in response to the rising costs and resources needed for schools to operate their own on-site bookstores, evolved from providing books to individual students, to providing books to entire educational institutions – essentially creating customized online bookstores which give public, private and parochial educational institutions a complete book purchasing, delivery and buy-back solution.  Shorey PR was tasked with developing an awareness and outreach campaign for the unique textbook procurement service.

The Strategy—Shorey PR created a campaign to distinguish from both “brick and mortar” campus stores as well as other online services.  Extensive messaging efforts and customer interviews with key faculty and administrators from numerous educational institutions revealed how benefited students, parents and school staff by saving them time, effort and money.  Shorey PR used these insights to create case studies and web content providing the basis for all current and future earned and paid media efforts. Shorey PR ensured that all collateral materials contributed to the new identity and brand.

The Results—Shorey PR developed a branding and identity campaign that demonstrates the unique attributes of and differentiates it from other online book purchasing agents. is now positioned to become the leading online textbook procurement service.

The Power of Personality

The Challenge – ClickAction stood at the forefront of e-mail marketing: the first company to market with customized option e-mails sent directly to consumers. The company and its dynamic CEO Gregory Slayton attracted media attention in both industry and popular press – culminating in Slayton’s photograph appearing on the cover of Time magazine during the boom era of high-tech companies. The question was how to sustain the momentum.

The Strategy – Moving beyond press releases and other traditional press outreach strategies, we created memorable and effective “smart insider” events around the country, including a reception in New York City at Forbes magazine. These events effectively continued updates to the press and created fertile ground for coverage of future releases of ClickAction’s software.

The Results – The press maintained an interest in and continuing coverage of ClickAction and its upcoming products, a difficult proposition in the “next big thing” era of high-tech press reporting.

Computer Intelligence Associates
Thought Leadership Campaign

Client Name: Computer Intelligence Associates

Client Type: Technology, Premiere Service

Engagement Type: Thought leadership campaign

Shorey PR Offering: In a market with many providers and big names, Shorey PR is raising the profile and credibility of this small firm comprised of smart people and high service. To do this, we focused on messaging: creating smart stories, and developing a communications and thought leadership campaign. We help our client review and select appropriate industry conferences at which to be seen and/or present papers. Computer Intelligence Associates is currently in the running for a position in the Inc. 500.

Regional Coverage Driving National Credibility

The Challenge – CoreLocation, a Maryland-based real estate concern, recognized that while many industrial cities around the country were having problems with their old, increasingly unused industrial sites, many of these locations held promise as homes for telecommunications facilities – particularly broadband connections and web hosting. The existing electrical and telephone infrastructure, building size and relatively remote location made the sites ideal for telecommunication operations. Too often, however, CoreLocation faced skepticism from both potential buyers and the communities as it attempted to develop these sites.

The Strategy – We chose an earned media strategy because of the persuasive impact of articles in the public press and industry trade journals. Our job was to translate the complexities of the real estate world in a way tech-savvy buyers could easily understand in order to raise awareness of the possibilities in these urban locations, and instill confidence in potential clients about the activities inside these buildings.

The Results – CoreLocation received front page business section coverage in the Washington Post and heavy coverage in leading industry publications with an emphasis on mid-Atlantic real estate interests, demonstrating both the viability of the concept and the thought leadership of CoreLocation in this area.

Corvis Corporation
Persuading the Press About Optical Networking

The Challenge – Corvis was a highly successful optical networking company whose July 2000 IPO ranked as the fourth largest in NASDAQ history at the time. Once the company went public, Founder and CEO Dr. David Huber faced the question of how to maintain the pace of Corvis’ press coverage while also taking it to the next level to promote its technologies and capabilities.

The Strategy – A two-pronged attack focused on analyst relations and press relations, supported by a full-service communications plan. We set up a national tour to explain Corvis’ all-optical offering, during which the company’s leadership met with every major analyst firm in the United States. We also supported Corvis’ trade show appearance both domestically and internationally. Press contacts included The Financial Times, USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune magazine, Bloomberg, the New York Times and all the major industry trade publications.

The Result – Corvis’ core audience developed a clear understanding of what the company was doing. And despite the telecom downturn, Corvis proved its product and approach to be a long-term success. Now known as Broadwing Corporation, it remains a customer-focused provider of a top-speed nationwide optical network.

Getting Press that Gets You Business

The Challenge – CyberCFO’s founder realized that many small companies simply could not afford to hire their own CFOs, and the ability to attract top financial leadership and impaired growth and profitability. So he created CyberCFO to provide a variety of outsourced chief financial officer functions and strategy services to emerging growth companies along Northern Virginia’s Dulles Tech Corridor. The question was how to create a credible brand for a commodity service.

The Strategy – Since establishing credibility was vital to the company’s success, we counseled that traditional advertising would not be nearly as effective as earned media. We began with a corporate activity audit – in-depth interviews and briefings with the company’s staff – in order to gain a full understanding of CyberCFO’s business. We then created a series of stories with strong press hooks.

The Result – CyberCFO received front page coverage in the Washington Post, and it experienced a significant increase in business while many startups were closing their doors.

DC Citizens Atlas and Emergency Atlas
Pointing the Way for Municipal Technology Leadership

The Challenge – The District of Columbia’s Citizens Atlas had been designed to help citizens use a Geographic Information System (GIS) for municipal services by design. Users could click on their own neighborhood and see schools, parks, city services, building permits, aerial photographs, directions and more. It could be a powerful and convenient tool for District residents. However, the Citizens Atlas was not being used nearly as much as the city’s government, in particular the DC Office of the Chief Technology Officer, had hoped.

The Strategy – We began with an in-depth assessment of the need for city services and citizen awareness of what was already available. This started with a baseline study, for which we performed telephone interviews, sent out email surveys, and conducted man-on-the-street interviews. These combined to show a profound lack of awareness of the Citizens Atlas by local residents and a commensurate need for increasing familiarity with the system. We went on to produce brochures, posters and Public Service Announcements for use throughout the DC metro area. We also made sure that the Citizens Atlas took a proactive posture with the press and at local trade shows – performing detailed system demonstrations whenever and wherever possible.

The Results – The Citizens Atlas received great local press coverage which led to increased citizen awareness and usage. In fact, the Citizens Atlas concept proved so successful that the idea was expanded, and a companion DC Emergency Atlas was begun. This new system focused on emergency and essential services, including but not limited to the Fire and Police Departments, the Department of Public Works and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

DCNet, DC Office of the Chief Technology Officer
From Worst to First

The Challenge – Until recently, the District of Columbia had a reputation for not being particularly tech-friendly. Mayor Anthony Williams wanted to change that perception, and the District soon adopted the stated goal of going “from worst to first” when it came to smart technology usage. A key strategic initiative for the DC Government was a world class secure fiber network termed "DCNet." We had to translate this technology into awareness and favorable public opinion to encourage city leaders to support and fund DCNet.

The Strategy – A three-tier approach was developed to garner credibility among key constituencies. First, we worked with the District government’s internal audiences to ensure an across the board buy-in to the concept, and to ferret out potential roadblocks to success. Second, we created an awareness of the city’s new posture in regional and community press outlets. Third, we worked with national technology publications to make them aware of DCNet's capabilities and to encourage thought leadership coverage. We also created opportunities for speaking engagements, bylined articles, awards outreach and enhanced contacts with members of the press.

The Results – Within a year,, the District of Columbia’s website, ranked as the number one municipal website in America due to the District’s technical capabilities and its user-friendly applications. We were also able to drive city counsel support. DC residents could do more on their city’s website than anywhere else in country. The effort received repeated coverage in the Washington Post and on local television and radio stations. And we were able to get the District of Columbia’s Chief Technology Officer placed on the cover of Government Technology magazine.

Thought-Leadership and Public Education and Awareness

The Challenge-The 62 city agencies within the municipal government of the District of Columbia had no way to share and use data across agencies. This meant that two or more agencies could be performing redundant citizen services, causing gross inefficiencies and wasting taxpayer money. In addition to agencies operating independently of one another, there was no way for the District to deliver services to citizens proactively by tracking where they needed help and allocating resources accordingly.  Mayor Anthony Williams called for a system to reduce crime in the District’s Hot Spot and increase the quality of life for District residents in addition to helping agencies operate as leaner, more responsive, high performance organizations. Once the District developed DCStat, a technology tool to accomplish this objective, it needed help in promoting its availability and use with District agency managers, employees and residents.

The Strategy-Shorey PR created a thought-leadership and awareness campaign to educate the District about the new search integration engine. Shorey PR identified appropriate conferences and tradeshows as well as prestigious awards and submitted DCStat applications for speaking opportunities and other recognition programs to highlight the success of the program. We also worked with the DCStat team to create internal and external marketing materials, including logo design, fact-sheets, bylined articles and web word copy, to inform users about the features of the system and promote its use.

The Results-Detailed awards application submissions earned DCStat national recognition with an Honorable Mention at the prestigious URISA Exemplary Systems in Government Awards. In addition, Shorey PR supported program managers invited to speak at industry conferences including InfoWorld’s SOA Executive Forum, The American Learning Institute and The Open Group Conference. Earned media coverage in publications including Computerworld, InfoWorld and Federal Computer Week helped establish DCStat as a leader in bringing the District a high performance, responsive, efficient government.

The District of Columbia Unified Communications Center
Strategic Event Planning Counsel and Media Relations

UCC Logo

The Challenge- In 1998, Washington D.C. had one of the highest crime rates in the nation causing citizens and leaders to have little faith in the Districts emergency response. Under the leadership of Mayor Anthony Williams and the impact capabilities of Suzanne Peck at OCTO, the District committed to creating a state-of-the-art call center to consolidate the first response of D.C. Police, Fire and EMS. The mission of this facility became even more crucial with the attacks of September 11, 2001, driving the need for a world class emergency response center in the heart of the Nations Capital. Regardless of a recession and year-long funding delays, the Unified Communications Center was successfully completed on time and on budget in September 2006. After eight long years, it was time to let the world know about the embodiment of D.C.’s ‘Worst-to-First’ metamorphosis. The D.C. Government selected Shorey Public Relations for this challenge.

The Strategy- Shorey PR combined event management expertise along with security protocols necessary to facilitate a 625 person event that involved Secret Service protection for the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Governor of Virginia. Furthermore, a six-month media relations campaign was launched to ensure third party credibility for the facility and its crucial mission. Additional efforts included analyst and community relations outreach that ensured a clear and consistent message and recognition for key stakeholders throughout the campaign.

The Results- In addition to Secretary Chertoff, head of the Department of Homeland Security, being widely quoted as stating he now suffers from “Operation Center Envy”, Shorey PR secured $1.75 million of earned media coverage and dramatically shifted the perception of OCTO from criticism to celebration. The Washington Post lauded Peck for her extraordinary efforts in dramatically changing public opinion of one of the most impoverished and dangerous cities in the nation. There was standing room only in two auditorium venues and the event was filled to capacity. Over 57 media outlets attended the Grand Opening celebration including CBS Evening News, CBS, NBC, ABC and FOX local affiliate stations, The Washington Post, USA Today and several national technology publications. Additionally, coverage was secured in Public CIO, The Washington Times, The Washington Examiner, Congressional Quarterly, Government Computer News, Government Technology and on various other broadcast and publication websites.   

Federal and State Electoral Campaigns
Fundamentals for Victory

The Challenge—Campaign communications offer many challenges! Whether for incumbents or challengers, regardless of party, communication strategy should integrate seamlessly with campaign strategy.  Since the Nixon-Kennedy debate, candidates have had to be sure and smooth on camera and in person. Good communications are essential, and bad communications can derail even the strongest and most competent candidate.

The Strategy—When candidates need strategy, communications and effective fundraising strategies, they come to Shorey PR. We have experience at all levels of government. We know how to emphasize key issues while minimizing our candidates’ exposure to attacks. We understand the unique time pressures associated with campaigns. We take a customized proactive approach to every single client so that they get the results they need for victory.

Results—Past campaign accomplishments include raising more than $1.5 million in six weeks for a congressional race, major message development for pre-election and election strategies, organizing and managing major donor events featuring Executive and Legislative branch officials, forming and coordinating fundraising committees of leading area business and civic leaders, as well as writing and producing the full gamut of election materials.

Hattie’s Restaurant
Comprehensive Communication Compaign

The Challenge—Hattie’s Restaurant is a Saratoga Springs, NY landmark.  Hattie opened her chicken shack in 1938 and became legendary for her fried chicken and her home style cooking.  New owners Beth and Jasper Alexander wanted to keep the spirit of Hattie’s intact, but add their own unique flair as well. Jasper, a CIA trained chef and Beth, an anchor in the local arts community wanted to garner regional and national press to highlight the continuity of Hattie’s tradition and the contribution of the new owners.

The Strategy—Jasper’s training as a gourmet chef brings new life to old favorites. Shorey PR designed a strategy to highlight the updated allure of traditional Cajun foods exemplified by Hattie’s standards and Jasper’s new creations.  Because Hattie’s was always more than just a restaurant, we also highlighted their events like the crawfish festival and charitable fundraisers—demonstrating that Beth and Jasper, like Hattie herself, occupy a role in the community beyond business owner.

The Results—Shorey PR garnered a wide variety of local and regional coverage for Hattie’s in conjunction with special events such as charitable fundraisers for local arts, victims of hurricane Katrina, and the Saratoga Springs Summer internship of the New York City Ballet.  Shorey PR also helped secure coverage in the national foodie magazine Taste highlighting the gourmet comeback of Cajun cuisine.

Informz, Inc.
Thought Leadership for a Complex Tech Offering

The Challenge—the Interactive marketing field oftentimes suffers from negative press. In the current business environment, opportunities abound for service-oriented companies such as Informz to counter misinformation. Shorey PR was tasked with articulating the Informz story to a regional and national audience to help Informz elevate its credibility, as well as the overall perception of the industry, with potential partners, national technology influencers and business reporters. Shorey Public Relations conducted a media and communication program with a national focus for Informz by leveraging CRM partnerships, superior customer service capabilities and overall industry leadership.

The Strategy—Shorey PR developed a campaign that demonstrates to potential partners and the general public the positive aspects of interactive marketing through the leadership and innovation driven by Informz.  While regional recognition is always gratifying and important for building awareness, Shorey PR sought to create a national media campaign highlighting Informz as a thought leader in interactive marketing. We targeted national mainstream, business, industry and technical outlets to showcase the trends and innovation driving Informz success within this rapidly changing environment.

The Result—The Shorey PR campaign resulted in a briefing with the leading independent technology and market research company, Forrester Research, in record time with their top email marketing analyst, Shar VanBoskirk, whose work focuses primarily on strategies for leveraging interactive channels. She is widely quoted in publications such as The New York Times, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal and has appeared on National Public Radio. Shorey PR also wrote and submitted the successful Business Review 40 under 40 application for Informz President Joe Tyler and secured a front page feature in the Glens Falls Post Star.

JBG Properties
Making Millions for Mega-Realtors - Talking Tech in Record Time

The Challenge – JBG Properties is a mid-Atlantic commercial and residential real estate development powerhouse. When the company saw explosive growth in the demand for cutting-edge connectivity among people who lived in garden apartments and multi-family dwellings, it also recognized an attractive new business opportunity. Realizing dial-up Internet service was no longer viable for the average urban professional, JBG created an offering to wire apartment buildings with broadband service. As nationally recognized developers, JBG was invited to present its newly established offering to a meeting of five national real estate development and management companies – representing more than a quarter of all garden-style apartments in the country – to bid against other broadband providers on a multi-million dollar contract to provide service to all of their properties. But there was a catch: the meeting would take place in just two weeks’ time.

The Strategy – With no time to waste, we devised a unique and remarkably effective differentiation strategy. Specifically, JBG’s broadband wiring was installed through conduit pipe; we created a series of packets and collaterals for the judging panel that used the actual materials from such an installation. The judges were real estate professionals who understood the housing business well, but not the new high-tech world of broadband Internet. Giving them something they could touch and feel made JBG’s proposal real: one pipe going in meant that only one hole had to be cut into a wall. This was something the judges could relate to. We also created JBG’s presentation and animations, and we conducted intensive speaker training in the two weeks leading up to the meeting.

The Results – Because of the tight deadline, we worked long nights and solid weekends to be ready to help JBG’s leaders win the contract. The judges responded eagerly to the obvious ease of installation and to the long-term nature of the solution offered by JBG’s proposal. Within three weeks, JBG went from just hearing of the competition, to winning the multi-million dollar contract and becoming America’s largest provider of broadband internet to garden-style apartments.

Johnson & Johnson
Connecting Community Health Care

The Challenge – Since its founding in 1886, Johnson & Johnson has developed a remarkable reputation for ethics, integrity and great products. It is one of the world’s most trusted brands. With this positive and proactive approach, Johnson & Johnson is constantly looking for opportunities to build its brand in manners that expand on this hard-won status and demonstrate through action that Johnson & Johnson truly is a caring company.

The Strategy – We developed a community relations model that would allow Johnson & Johnson to focus attention and resources on outstanding non-profit organizations doing vital work in target neighborhoods and at-risk populations around the country. Through dual programs entitled “The Johnson & Johnson Community Health Care Program” and “Community Caregivers,” we helped Johnson & Johnson identify and honor the outstanding Americans and worthy organizations who were making a difference in the world of health care. We created and conducted a survey to develop a pool of potential applicants for grants and then organized and supported the selection process. We then produced a series of public events for Johnson & Johnson to honor the recipients, including multimedia presentations such as documentary films that captured the winners’ good works.

The Results – Johnson & Johnson fully realized its goal. It developed long-term relationships with partner organizations such as family support center at Johns Hopkins’ Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance in Atlanta, the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregiving, and the Whirling Thunder Wellness Program. In fact, the former First Lady joined Johnson & Johnson’s Chairman and CEO Ralph S. Larsen at the company’s corporate headquarters to honor six winners as part of the event schedule.

Khalifa Group
Building and Promoting International Credibility

The Challenge – As one of the most promising young democracies in Africa, Algeria was rapidly privatizing its economy. Much of this work was done through an Algerian conglomerate, the Khalifa Group. Company founder Abdelmoumen Khalifa (age 37 at the time) wanted to raise his company’s profile in the United States.

The Strategy – Following in-depth interviews with Mr. Khalifa and numerous company leaders, and after conducting international on-site assessments of the various Khalifa companies in Africa, Europe and the United States, including Khalifa Airways, Khalifa Bank, Khalifa Pharmacy, (Paris-based) Khalifa satellite TV and Khalifa Uniforms, we proposed a “Washington Insider” strategy, helping to secure them insider meetings and economic summit opportunities. We drafted an extensive brochure and annual report-style material for publication and distribution in United States based on our original interviews.

The Results – These meetings and materials greatly increased the awareness of Khalifa’s activities by key American decision-makers, and the Khalifa story reached a highly desirable elite audience.

Koshland Science Museum
Public Program/Event Promotion and Awareness Campaign

The Challenge-Located in Washington, DC, minutes from the National Mall, the Koshland Science Museum faces intense competition from the Smithsonian Institute, International Spy Museum and a host of other attractions demanding the attention of visitors to the Nation’s Capitol and local District residents. Further challenging the Museum, its outside appearance obscures a street-level peek inside at the engaging interactive exhibits for passer-by pedestrians or potential audiences. The affiliation of Koshland with the prestigious National Academy of Sciences, home to some of the world’s most brilliant minds, proved to intimidate some potential visitors. Many wondered if the material would be engaging or accessible to a general audience.   The museum needed to raise awareness with local residents and active senior communities as well as attract more visitors from outside the DC metro area.           

The Strategy-Shorey PR created a comprehensive marketing communications campaign to provide Koshland staff with an interactive strategy, updated photographs and visuals, refreshed media kits and a new marketing brochure, media relations and a schedule of events to draw local residents to public programs. We also worked with the Koshland staff to create engaging events and public programs, based on the idea of life long learning, including a series of seminars especially for active older adults. To raise awareness of the museum with visitors to DC, Shorey PR focused on heavy outreach and marketing to travel groups from bus tours to conventions. 

The Results- Koshland Science Museum has experienced record-breaking, sell-out attendance for public programs, including Polar Bears and Penguins Family Day, Science Comedy Night, Strange Brew: Beer Tasting and the Genetics of Yeast, and The Science of Chocolate. Leveraging community events calendars and a smart online strategy, Shorey PR reached local audiences. New marketing materials and an advertising campaign with placements in Where magazine, Old Town Trolley maps and a host of strategically selected Metro stations are expected to raise awareness of the Koshland as a known attraction. Shorey PR anticipates media surrounding the installation of a new LCD screen TV that flashes science facts and faces the street will create intrigue about the museum with pedestrian traffic.

Lake George Forum
“Grand Wedding Showcase”

The Challenge—The Lake George Forum is a newly constructed 50,000 square foot multi-purpose trade show, expo-center and ice arena located on Lake George in Upstate New York.
In addition to trade shows and expositions, the Forum facilitates numerous events including conferences, galas, birthday parties and meetings.
At the time, the Lake George Forum was deciding whether their Wedding Show was profitable enough to remain on the schedule.
Shorey Public Relations was tasked with overhauling the existing strategic branding and marketing campaign for the Lake George Forum Wedding Show to establish it as a major North Country event.

The Strategy—In less than one month, Shorey PR created a logo and identity for the “Lake George Forum Grand Wedding Showcase”, incorporating the existing look and feel of The Forum.
To advertise the shows, Shorey PR created a highly specialized mailing list made up of potential brides and grooms and sent out branded mailers. In addition, radio ads were created and an ad buy was developed to maximize coverage in the North Country and surrounding areas.
Shorey PR invited the local media to join The Forum in welcoming brides from the North Country and brides looking for Upstate New York destination weddings to find the perfect details for their special day.
Additionally, Shorey PR created an online promotional strategy to maximize the exposure of marketing efforts.

The Results—Shorey PR provided on-site support at the Grand Wedding Showcases in the Spring and Fall.
The Spring Showcase received top placement in the Glens Falls Post-Star as well as a posting on their online daily web update.
The event was such a success for the Lake George Forum and the vendors that by the end of the day, over half of the vendors signed contracts to participate in the Showcase taking place the following Fall.
By the time the Fall Showcase occurred, Shorey PR secured national coverage from and -  the #1 resources for online and destination wedding planning.
Building on the success of the Spring Showcase, the Fall Showcase exceeded all expectations by attracting over four times the number of brides than in the Spring.

The Grand Wedding Showcase is now considered a major North Country success and due to the marketing and branding efforts of Shorey PR, it will remain a major event on the Lake George Forum schedule.

Level (3) Communications
Federal Awareness Campaign and Communications Effort

The Challenge—Level (3) sought to launch a federal awareness and communications effort to distinguish their offerings from competitors in the strict world of federal service provision.  This had to be done working within the unique limitations of the federal communications environment.

The Strategy—Shorey PR formulated alternative strategies designed to overcome those challenges. We identified key analysts, writers and media, and determined the appropriate story lines for the Level 3 offering as it related to competing for key federal agencies. Shorey PR also secured press interest with top tier publications including Federal Computer Week and Government Computer News.

The Result—Shorey PR was able to make something out of nothing: we created messages, identified news stories, outlets and venues, and determined appropriate trade shows to get Level 3’s story out in the most efficient and appealing manner possible. Shorey PR arranged high-level briefings and one-on-one interviews for Level 3 executives. We translated all this information into an in-depth communications plan focused on deriving the maximum amount of value for Level 3’s marketing dollar.

Mary Kay Cosmetics
Hard Hitting Crisis Management and Pro-Active Press Relations

The Challenge – As a mature brand, Mary Kay had expanded internationally and had begun to attract instances of negative press – particularly about difficulties with direct marketing – that threatened to tarnish the image it had built of successful women who could earn the iconic pink Cadillac. How could we reinforce and reinvigorate the positive Mary Kay message of “Enriching Women’s Lives”?

The Strategy – We took a three-pronged approach. First, we helped them promote new national sales directors in their local markets. We created personal profiles for local media around the country, and we emphasized the company’s treasured “pass it on” credo-a-credo that insisted that if its people were happy and grateful for the opportunity Mary Kay had given them, then they had an obligation to pass it on to others. Second, we handled general press promotions and media relations. In one case, we told the story of how alternate support networks, like the Mary Kay “family” played an important role for some families with the onset of the Iraq war. This lifestyle component went well beyond what most media thought they knew about the Mary Kay business model, and it resulted in a feature story on CNN. Third, we helped Mary Kay with crisis communications on both a national and international level. Having carried out studio scenario media training, coupled with our insider knowledge of the company, we were prepared to act quickly and effectively when difficulties arose.

The Results – This $2 billion, privately held company continues to create more female millionaires than any other company in the United States. We helped ensure that the promise and opportunity of Mary Kay remained available to women around the world, free of unfair or unfounded criticism.

Mercury Web Solutions
Announcing an Aquisition; Internal and External Audience Outreach

The Challenge—Mercury Web Solutions, consistently ranked as the Capital Region’s largest web developer, engaged the services of Shorey PR to help them elevate their story from a basic business transition to a trend of regional evolution and business growth.  Shorey PR was tasked with conveying a foundation of success and a promising future to employees and clients in a personalized manner.  Shorey PR was also tasked with conveying a regional success story for Tech Valley by securing focused business coverage while maintaining confidentiality and strict advanced deadlines.

The Strategy—Shorey PR conducted structured message and presentation practice sessions with all four principles to ensure no details were missed.  Shorey PR facilitated an advanced exclusive with the region’s premier business publication, The Business Review, in an effort to elevate the story from a basic acquisition to an example of success for Tech Valley.   Shorey PR provided a detailed calendar of events, scheduled to the minute, for all four principles, ensuring personal notification prior to press publication, focusing on employees and key clients, to make sure no details were left unmet.  Shorey PR carried out rapid fire media relations and interview support on the day of the event both onsite at Mercury Web Solutions and through the Shorey PR office

The Results—Mercury Web Solutions obtained their key objectives within 8 hours as planned for during a six week preparation cycle spearheaded by Shorey PR.  All Mercury Web Solutions employees and key clients were notified prior to media distribution.  The Mercury Web Solutions acquisition story was positioned in the local media as an example of success for the region. An earned media coverage value of $27,500 was achieved.  Mercury Web Solutions received top placement in The Business Review’s Technology section, as well as a posting to their online daily web update, and strong coverage in the area’s largest daily newspaper, the Times Union, as well as a posting on their website. The area’s leading news/talk radio station, WROW-AM, also broadcast an interview several times during weekend programming.

Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co. (U.S.A.) Inc.
Relationship Building and Awareness Campaign

The Challenge—Shorey PR is working to position Mitsui as the leader in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology with a specific focus on creating awareness and facilitating a dialogue with key audiences.

The Strategy—Shorey PR is positioning Mitsui as a leader in SCR technology using a strategic approach to raise awareness about the cutting-edge Mitsui SCR technology with key audiences and increase interest and acceptance of the technology by key governmental and industry decision-makers.  

The Results—As a result of a strategic awareness and enhanced preference campaign, key governmental and industry decision-makers are taking note of Mitsui’s cutting-edge developments in the SCR technology marketplace.

Mitsui has secured contacts from the top manufacturers in the heavy duty diesel truck industry.
The Environmental Protection Agency (Onboard Diagnostic division, OBD) has expressed immediate interest in creating a urea quality spec specifically referencing Mitsui based on a strategic presentation from Mitsui.

Complex Media Analysis

The Challenge – Motorola was concerned about the perception that cell-phone usage was linked to major health problems. Although no scientific evidence had (or has) ever conclusively established such a linkage, the company wanted to track medical research and be fully briefed on the public dialogue so that Motorola could react appropriately to possible emerging developments.

The Strategy – We conducted intensive, ongoing, industry-wide research of all leading medical journals and other media sources to get any news or studies – even rumors of studies – indicating such a link between wireless phone use and cancer well in advance of their receiving public attention.

The Results – Motorola positioned itself well ahead of the news curve, fully informed of the latest information in this deep and complicated area via an ongoing quarterly engagement.

Mission Critical Congressional Communications Training

The Challenge – NASA saw the need to enhance the transition of its project manager engineers into overall program managers as they gained seniority and were promoted to lead efforts including Manned Mission to Mars and the International Space Station. Therefore, NASA leadership established the Academy of Program and Project Leadership. A centerpiece of the Academy’s training was a week-long seminar, given several times a year, in which rising project managers were exposed to some of the complexities they would likely encounter in their new positions. While NASA had plenty of organizational and technical expertise to draw upon in helping their people understand the kind of the internal challenges they would face, it needed to find a way to help project managers understand the kind of inter-governmental stumbling blocks that might occur – particularly as related to Capitol Hill.

The Strategy – We created and taught a three-hour curriculum entitled “Doing Business with Congress,” that was designed to give NASA employees an insider’s perspective into the legislative process and Congressional hearing protocols for key missions. This unique training ensured that managers were aware of the kind of red flags they should anticipate, and offered them crisis response strategies for when relations with the Hill became strained. In addition to the three-hour lecture, we also offered a role-playing module that doubled as a team-building exercise, in which student teams researched a topic during the week in advance of having to make a presentation to a mock Congressional committee.

The Results – Attendees left the class with not only a practical understanding of how they and their organizations related to the rest of the government, but also with strategies to enhance those relationships. On every occasion that our presentation was given over the course of a year, students ranked it as the most informative time they had spent during the week-long seminar, and our instructors were ranked as the top presenters of the week.

Instant Awareness for Instant Information

The Challenge – As the millennium dawned, online stock trading was finding its way into the mainstream. But, for the most part, online traders and trading websites lacked real-time financial data. Many websites wanted to offer dynamic numbers – including streaming data from markets all over the world. NewsAlert was their answer. As it became widely adopted, NewsAlert leveled the playing field between large and small firms, and individual investors thus creating a more transparent market. NewsAlert wanted to know how it could increase its market share to become the leading provider of real time streaming data.

The Strategy – We created an aggressive media tour of financial and technology reporters, followed by a lengthy trade show and speaker schedule. We conducted an off-site messaging session to translate the complicated technical language and concepts that NewsAlert’s people routinely dealt in into the kind of clear value proposition that businesspeople could understand and appreciate. We also created language to help NewsAlert roll out its B2B online commodity exchanges.

The Results – We secured interviews with major news outlets, including Forbes, Daily Deal, ABC-TV’s newsmagazine 20/20, and CNBC Asia, highlighting the hard-driving internet culture – not just the raw numbers – as a way of humanizing NewsAlert and making the company and its offerings more accessible and understandable to potential clients.

Polar Industries, Inc.
Thought Leadership Campaign  

Client Name: Polar Industries, Inc.

Client Type: Integrated IP Surveillance Technology

Engagement Type: Thought leadership campaign

Shorey PR Offering: In a security market with multiple brands and big name products, Shorey PR raised the profile and credibility of this small firm comprised of highly experienced people and superior service. To do this, we focused on messaging and developing an integrated marketing communication campaign. We identified key analysts, writers and media, and determined the appropriate story lines for the Polar Industries offering. Shorey PR also secured press interest with top tier publications and tech verticals including Federal Computer Week.

Saratoga Trunk
“Just Kay” Everyday Boutique

     Lavender Trunk

The Challenge—Recognized as the area’s finest lady’s clothier, The Saratoga Trunk draws fashionable women from near and far with its diverse collection of elegant and outrageous hats- a “must have” for the racetrack- and hand selected styles from Betsey Johnson, Nicole Miller, Eric Javits, Tadashi and more. After nearly a decade of success dressing women in a variety of top designers, store-owner Natalie Sillery, declared New York fashion designer Kay Unger’s collections so prolific that she confidently decided that The Saratoga Trunk would be the first ever independent retailer to exclusively carry “Just Kay Everyday.”

The Strategy—Shorey PR invited the local and national media as well as loyal shoppers to join Natalie and Kay for an exclusive champagne reception and industry-changing announcement.

The Results—On the day after the reception, Shorey PR provided on-site support at the Seventh Annual Saratoga Fashion Show to benefit a national charity, where local volunteers modeled Saratoga Trunk’s Kay Unger fashions. In follow-up to the events, Shorey PR provided media contacts a detailed press release and photographs. This resulted in national interest from The New York Times as well as local print stories in The Business Review and Troy Record and television news coverage.

Serotta Competition Bicycles
Media Relations

The Challenge—Shorey PR was commissioned to position Serotta Competition Bicycles as the premier custom bicycle manufacturer and raise credibility with audience members capable of purchasing a $10,000+ bicycle.  Shorey PR distilled the Serotta story and translated it into terms, language and emotions that a broad range of consumers can appreciate and explore as a purchase option for this premiere lifestyle brand.

The Strategy—Shorey PR conducted extensive messaging and retail vendor interviews, interviewing the top 12 dealers in the world for Serotta Competition Bicycles to find out what matters to consumers, and then translated those insights gained into messaging and story concepts with relevance to select American consumers.  Shorey PR also conducted a national outreach campaign to reach business leaders and successful entrepreneurs.

The Results—Unprecedented brand strength and awareness were gained through outstanding media coverage in outlets such as: U.S. News & World Report, Inc., Fortune Small Business, Bicycling Magazine, BusinessWeek, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Markets, Cargo, Self, Fitness and many other top tier media outlets that could be leveraged by vendors to convey instant credibility and purchase preference.

For the launch of the Meivici (Serotta’s all-new, all-carbon, all-American bike), Shorey PR was able to create significant in-roads with deep trade publications. Over the course of one trade show, Interbike 2005, Shorey PR secured 14 interviews with media outlets including: Bicycling and Mountain Bike Magazines,, EXPN – Bicycle Radio 860AM, and Roadie International. However, this was pre-empted by an exclusive placement in the leading bike trade magazine in the industry, Bicycling Magazine, which not only included a feature of Serotta Competition Bicycles in their November issue, but also ran follow up coverage in their December issue. Shorey PR put an exclamation point on the campaign with a CNBC ‘On The Money’ segment where Serotta was the only bike manufacturer mentioned by name and the only one to be interviewed. The fifteen minute segment referred to cycling as the new golf for high powered executives and luxury-oriented individuals, Serotta’s key target demographic.

Smithsonian Institution
Museum Launched Management

The Challenge – In 2004, the Smithsonian Institution was about to open its first new facility on the National Mall in almost 20 years as it prepared to launch the National Museum of the American Indian. As construction continued, Smithsonian leadership saw the need to simultaneously create a national profile for the museum and a destination interest in Indian culture. Because of the unique position of Native Americans and their culture in society, Smithsonian leadership faced a delicate balancing act between that culture and extending the Smithsonian brand.

The Strategy – The PR team was able to break down this large and enormously complicated task into a clear, long-term plan. Two years before the museum’s grand opening, it began a series of large open houses and public events, working with individual tribes to build interest.

The Results – In advance of the museum’s opening, we secured deep and broad coverage in the Washington Post, and it was the Smithsonian’s most organized and effectively executed campaign in recent memory.

Music That Matters


The Challenge – In early 2004, SONY/BMG was preparing a charity compilation CD called Patriotic Country, comprised of patriotic songs by leading country music artists including Lee Greenwood, Randy Travis, Brooks & Dunn, Martina McBride, Kenny Chesney, Hank Williams, Jr., the Charlie Daniels Band, Kenny Rogers and Alabama. A portion of the proceeds from the recording’s sales would be donated to the United Service Organization (USO) by Music for a Cause – the driving force behind the CD’s concept. Because of the charity tie-in, we were brought in to offset standard advertising and promotion with direct press coverage of the project.

The Strategy – We developed a detailed integrated marketing communication plan that emphasized securing as much earned media as possible. Patriotic Country artists, represented by country music legend Lee Greenwood, conducted interviews as part of a New York City/Washington, DC press tour and ongoing national media availability for print, radio and television reporters. Public Service Announcements in video format and promotional “voicers” were created for local broadcast use to tie into Fourth of July coverage.

The Results – During its six week promotional period, Patriotic Country secured $2.3 million in earned media, including CNN, Fox News and ESPN as well as dozens of regional outlets. More than $500,000 worth of CDs were donated to the USO through the “Donate a CD to a Soldier” promotion. The Patriotic Country CD debuted in the Top 10 on Billboard magazine’s Country and Internet charts, and a follow-up Patriotic Country II is currently in development with SONY/BMG. 

TL Metzger & Associates, LLC
Market Research and Analysis for Informed Promotions

The Challenge—TL Metzger & Associates, LLC is a Capital Region commercial and residential real estate development powerhouse looking to determine marketplace opportunities that would enable them to distinguish themselves from the competitive pack through proven and innovative marketing tactics.  The name TL Metzger stands for integrity and trust as well as expertise and efficiency, and the service clients and potential clients receive in their hands is unmatched by any competitor, no matter the size.   Shorey Public Relations was tasked with developing a strategic marketing and communications campaign aimed at positioning TL Metzger & Associates as the premier company for business relocation, providing both commercial and residential Real Estate expertise.

The Strategy—The key objectives of the TL Metzger campaign were to maximize advertising investment and build market credibility and preference. To accomplish these objectives, Shorey PR conducted an analysis of both existing TL Metzger marketing activities and resources along with the marketing activities of primary competitors.  We examined promotional mix elements with activities for: advertising (paid media), direct marketing, interactive/internet marketing, personal selling and public relations (earned media).  Shorey PR provided counsel to ensure optimized writing techniques, effective timing and compelling design for current and future paid advertising efforts. TL Metzger marketing materials were also reviewed and updated to ensure items carried the core messaging and appropriate attributes.  Shorey PR ensured that collateral materials reinforced the TL Metzger message.

The Results—Shorey PR issued a current findings and recommendations report for future marketing endeavors.   Recommendation activities were prioritized to drive firm prestige and sustainability.  The report included a side-by-side analysis of TL Metzger verses specific competitors to demonstrate noteworthy activities of the competition and how TL Metzger could respond and even “leapfrog” significant activities. Shorey PR issued a year-long recommendation calendar for print, TV & web outlets to support a strategic advertising buy that eliminated the majority of reactive purchase decisions.  Shorey PR helped create copy and provided design counsel for a refreshed brochure that conveyed superior services and professionalism. The brochure artwork was also the basis of a general print branding advertisement.

U.S. Army
Overcoming Resistance

The Challenge – Throughout its history, the Army has remained sensitive to the use of soldiers in commercial activities, particularly during wartime. Still, Army leadership was interesting in supporting the aims of the Patriotic Country music CD (see SONY/BMG), particularly its charitable and pro-soldier components. How to overcome the historic reluctance?

The Strategy – By leveraging our military contacts and Top Secret security backgrounds as well as understanding and insisting upon appropriate standards of conduct by everybody involved in the Patriotic Country project, we believed it possible to allay any fears Army leadership might have about the campaign.

The Results – We were permitted to show soldiers in a dynamic video as part of a television commercial for a direct-sale for the nationally released CD. We were also able to secure permission for a promotional performance by Patriotic Country artists on board the USS Intrepid in New York City during Fleet Week. To date, we continue this relationship by helping to coordinate leading entertainers participating in 101st Airborne ceremonies and celebrations.

U.S. Department of State
The New Face of Diplomacy

The Challenge – The U.S. Department of State wanted to increase the number of minorities applying for and being accepted to the ranks of its career Foreign Service Officers. The Department faced a shortfall in potential minority applicants taking the Foreign Service Written Examination (FSWE) at the same time it faced increased security concerns regarding its applicant pool following the attacks of September 11, 2001.

The Strategy – We developed a plan to move away from the stale government recruiting strategies of the past, implementing instead a cutting-edge communications campaign to reach and motivate a large, previously under-represented talent pool. We acted as a liaison with Edventures Partners as part of a peer-to-peer campaign to ensure success with reaching highly desirable minority applicants. We researched and wrote entertaining and inspiring personal profiles of minority Foreign Service Officers currently on assignment around the world. We provided these profiles as a resource for the Department of State’s website and we also made them available to the subjects’ hometown media outlets for use in human-interest stories.

The Results – The $6 million, multi-year campaign, featuring Secretary of State Colin Powell, resulted in historic high registration rates with a record-breaking pass rate for minorities. In fact, during the 2002 campaign, 26,000 applications were received – an increase of more than 200 percent over the previous year. We also created and implemented direct response campaigns that yielded a 500 percent increase in qualified candidates.

Please note the above cases represent a portfolio of experience earned at a number of entities.  The strategic lessons and results from all of these cases are constantly tapped to create winning campaigns for Shorey Public Relations' clients.  Thank you for your interest in Shorey PR.